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Hello everyone!
This this year will be my 5th trip to Liberia. Last year I was blessed to be able to stay for 6 weeks. Everyday all day long I’d pray that God would direct me, guide me and teach me. That he would put me where He wanted me to be and use me. I had a chorus from a song that Lindsey sang before we left 2 years ago stuck in my Bible, it says I want to be your hands I want to be your feet I'll go where you send me I'II go where you send me Sometimes, as I learned last year, where God wants and places you isn’t always as easy as we’d like it to be. 3 weeks into my stay we were still at the clinic in #2. We’d been holding clinic and things seemed to be running smoothly. The day that Ken, Jessica and Libby came in, our other group from Indiana was going home. I’d thought the week before that I wanted to go with Carolyn to the airport to pick them up, spend the night and get a nice shower with running water, because I knew it would be another 3 wks before I’d get to REALLY shower. A couple days before they came in I had a change of heart. People were coming to the clinic and I felt like I really needed to stay, that the clinic needed to stay open. I talked to Carolyn about it and she felt like it was a good idea. I was terrified when the truck with Carolyn and Dr. Hunt took off, and shocked that Carolyn trusted me to run things! So, I started praying, "God give me wisdom! Help me treat whoever comes in and show them your love… " Mary Helen took vitals, I saw the patients , nobody came in with anything too crazy and I made through the day! Around 6 that evening I was told that there was an emergency, so I rushed into the waiting room and found a little 4 year old girl named Ruth having a seizure. Her temperature was 105 and she’d been seizing for an hour and a half which is how long it took her parents to walk to the clinic. Mary Helen and I started praying! We put her in a tub of cold water and tried to get her temp down and to get her to stop seizing. She finally stopped seizing and I got malaria meds and pcm in her. Then we noticed her baby brother tied on his mothers back. He was having trouble breathing so I asked if I could look at him and try to help him too. (insert pic) Jeremiah was 1 year old and weighed 10 pounds. He was so tiny and fragile. Ruth’s fever wouldn’t stay down. Every hour almost on the hour it would spike back up to 104-105. We’d bath her again and I’d give her meds when I could. And sweet baby Jeremiah was getting weaker and weaker. I kept praying “God, please help these two babies!”. I tried everything I could think of to help Jeremiah out! And Little Ruth was SO sick! Her fever kept coming back and she was so weak! I just kept praying! 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says “Pray without ceasing”. For 5 hours I switched from one baby to the next. Their parents told me that they had already lost 7 children and they didn’t want to loose Ruth. I was holding little Jeremiah, his mouth was cold and he was struggling with each breath. His Dad sat down and looked at his baby boy with so much love and sadness and said, “I know he’s dying”. I almost started crying right there. I told him that I would keep trying and praying! I handed the baby to Mary Helen checked on Ruth and decided that I’d better clean up while Ruth’s fever was under control. While I was cleaning up I prayed that God would keep those two angels alive! That he would work a miracle. Right then Mary Helen rushed in with Jeremiah, he’d stopped breathing and I couldn’t find a pulse. I started cpr. He opened his eyes took two breaths and died in my arms! I wrapped him in my arms and lost it. I can’t put into words how I felt at that moment! I felt guilty for having him die in my arms instead of his parents. I was worried his parents wouldn’t trust me to take care of Ruth since he’d just died in my arms. So, many things! Everyone was praying. I kept praying that God would just keep Ruth alive. I pulled it together for little Ruth. Her fever kept spiking and she was still weak. Around 2 AM some of the family from their village arrived and the father carried little Jeremiah home to be buried. I stayed up with Ruth, bathing her every hour and giving her meds. By the time morning came Ruth was doing a little better. She still had a fever, but was able to take in fluids and sit up with a little help. I’d done everything I could for her and got her stable enough to send her to the government hospital. When her Dad came back we sent them to Buchanan with our battery operated fans and lots of
prayer. People started coming to be seen, so I got back to work and prayed that
Carolyn would get back before another emergency like that came in because I was
exhausted! I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to see anyone as I was to see
Carolyn that evening ! Or so happy to hand the clinic back into her hands.

The next week we headed off to conference, and every time I thought about them
I prayed. I couldn’t get Jeremiah or Ruth off my mind. When we got back to #2 I Vwas too scared to ask about Ruth, I didn’t want to know if she’d died, but I
needed to find out either way. Finally JahnJah asked Pastor Don and I’m so
happy to tell you that she’d made it and is doing greatJ I also found out that
their Dad had told pastor Don how thankful he was to have had Jeremiah where he
was when he died, that he knew we’d done everything we could and was glad
someone cared enough about his son to keep trying. I know now why God laid it
on my heart to stay at the clinic. There was a hurting Mom and dad who needed
to see that someone cared about their children and loved them, and a little
girl who would have died if I hadn't stayed.
I want to be your hands
I want to be your feet
I'll go where you send me
I'II go where you send me

I’m going to keep singing this song! I’m going to keep praying that no matter how difficult it may be that God will direct me, guide me and teach me. That he would put me where He wants me to be and use me. As horrid as the image of that little baby dead in my arms is; and as hard as I try to get him off my mind and fail. I know that God used us that night to show his love to hurting parents. I know that no matter how hard the circumstance may be; God can and will be glorified! That if we allow Him, He will use us to be His hands and feet. I just want to thank all of you for your continued support and prayers. Thank you for helping me go where I feel God is sending me. First I'd like to thank everyone for all the prayers and support! Time keeps
slipping away... I will be leaving for Liberia May 20 and return July 1st.
It's always a challenge, yet very exciting getting everything ready
We have all of our material completed for our ladies and V.B.S.

Most of you know the love that keeps growing in me for the young women
of Liberia. It's hard seeing and hearing the stories year after year of
the abuse and neglect these young women go through. The more they get to
know us, the more comfortable they become opening up, which has been
helpful understanding what needs to be taught. This year we are focusing
on Injustice.
The 6 lessons we've been working on are
1."Hope in the midst of despair";
2."Hope for the oppressed";
3."God's passion for injustice";
4."Preparing to confront injustice";
5."Getting involved";
6."Lifting up the hurting".

These lessons explore the theme of extending the love of Jesus
to women who are the victims of abuse. V.B.S
is going to be so much fun this year!
Our lessons focus on:
1. Caring
2. Putting others first,
3. Thanking God,
4. Lying,
5. Protection.

We will be holding conference in Buchanan and we are expecting over 300 children.
Thinking about having over 300 kids can be a little overwhelming.
But, knowing that God can and will work in those little lives is so
exciting that 300 just doesn’t seem big enough!  

The clinic is really coming along. We will be able to stay in the clinic
while at at compound #2.  Some of the women from my home Church along with Carolyn
have been putting together birthing kits and layettes for babies born to give to the mothers and
babies at the clinic.  We were able to put in a water purification system
at the clinic site. Having the clinic where it is such a blessing to the
people in the area. Just one example, the second day of clinic a young
mother brought in her little baby girl with a 104 fever. She was seizing
and without the injections and medicine, she would not have been able to

I will be working with eye glasses again this year.
It’s amazing how life changing a pair of glasses really can be! 

I am so excited to see what God has in store this year. 
So far I have my plane ticket paid for, but still need $2,000 more.
My total trip comes to $3,900.
Thank you again!
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NOTE FROM THE MOM.... Kristi is so excited about what God is showing her about her mission to Liberia. However, she is behind at this time on her Fund raising. I counted, and if everyone on this mailing list were to donate $20- $40 to her mission this year, her trip would be paid in full. Please pray and ask God if this is an area He would have you to share this year. I know usually only 10% of people asked to share financially, actually do, but I am asking for you to see if you could help Kristi keep her Mission focused on serving, and help her with her finances. We appreciate any and all help for Kristi's trip, but most of all we appreciate your prayers for the Team. Thank you.


You can send a check written to
Liberian Missions
Write "Kristi's Mission Trip" in the memo and mail it to:

Liberian Mission Trip
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Hillsboro, MO 63050

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